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November 19, 2019

A frustrating and unsatisfying performance sees Exiles succumb to heavy defeat

Real Solfamidas (2) 6

Británicos (1) 2

De Vicinte, Morris

Parque Ebro 17/11/19 18:00

Beattie, Rooney, Wells, Ferns, Gilman(Y), Morris, Shaw, De Vicente, Wolfenden, Borque

The Brits felt optimistic of managing to take something from this encounter. It was to prove to be one of the most disappointing matches in the short history of the club. The team lost...

November 11, 2019

The exiles are beaten by the brilliance of one player in a tactical contest

 Británicos (0) 1


 Real Zalarraza (0) 3

Parque Ebro 10/11/19 20:00

Beattie, Rooney, Ferns, Pernas, Martin, Gilman, Morris, Wells, Shaw, De Vicente, Clapson, Wolfenden

 The bitter cold of a late Remembrance Sunday kick off saw the Brits gather to attempt to put their first defeat of the season behind them. They cam up against a well organised outfit in...

October 28, 2019

A moment of hesitation undid an impressive, hard fought recovery

 Gorilas de Algadon (2) 3

 Británicos (0) 2

 Morris, De Vicente

Parque Ebro 27/10/19 17:00

Beattie, Wells, Rooney, Ferns, Pernas, Martin, Shaw, De Vicente, Morris, Gilman, Peribañez

A fascinating encounter in the late light of a Sunday afternoon in riotous blaze of autumnal colours saw a talented group of youngsters take on the older and maybe wiser heads of the immigr...

October 21, 2019

The exiles exacted a punishing rout on their first opponents of the new season as Brexit uncertainty swirls

Británicos (5) 6

Morris 5, Shaw

Estrella Aragon (1) 1

Parque Ebro 20/10/19 19:30

Wells, Ferns, Rooney, Pernas, Martin, Shaw, De Vicente, Morris, Borque, Gilman

A new season has arrived. The Brits returned to the battlefield with a squad that looks remarkably similar to our inaugural season, but some new faces have bolstered th...

May 8, 2019

A punishing defeat leaves Brits needing a miracle to emerge from their cup group

Mesones Aragones (2) 6

Britámicos (1) 1


Parque Ebro 05/0/19 19:30

Wells, Verenka, Ferns, Keane, Morris (YY), Shaw, Preibañez, Gilman (YY)

There is no doubt that this result is devastating to the Brits. In such defeats there must be some positive lessons to learn, perhaps they come from the least expected angles on this occasion. Nothing can chan...

May 2, 2019

Brits at liberty to celebrate a thunderous finale to their first season

Los Británicos (0) 5

Peribañz 2, Keane 2, Gilman

Los Patachopos (2) 2

Parque Ebro 28/04/19 19:30

Wells, Rooney, Ferns, Keane, Gilman, Shaw, Preibañez, Kinsella

And so, the final tie of the league season had arrived, and considering the task ahead of the Brits was to win and hope other results went their way to avoid finishing at the foot of the table, the old sa...

April 30, 2019

Brits left despondent after astonishing fight back is cancelled out

Los Británicos (1) 4

Peribañz 3, Bosqued

Los Olivios (3) 7

Parque Ebro 23/04/19 13:30

Wells, Rooney, Ferns, Verenka, Gilman, Shaw, Preibañez, Bosqued

A strange affair twas this. A Sunday league game played on a Tuesday, but not just any Tuesday, this was St. George’s Day. A chance for the English knights bedecked in gleaming white to rise up and slay the Olive toned...

April 9, 2019

Exiles rue missed chances after a solid performance crumbles at the death

Alianza Planet (2) 5

Los Británicos (0) 1


Parque Ebro 07/04/19 16:30

Wells, Rooney, Slater, Ferns, Keane, Morris, Verenka, Gilman, Shaw, Preibañez

For the first time this season the Brits finished a tie downcast. In what had been a tight affair until the last 5 minutes. The match was played in unfavourably warm conditions under an azure sky that served a...

April 2, 2019

Brits once again leave empty handed in fiercely competitive tie

Los Británicos (1) 3

Keane, Morris 2

Meson Aragones (3) 4

Parque Ebro 31/03/19 18:30

Wells, Rooney, Slater, Ferns, Pernas, Keane, Morris, Verenka, Gilman, Slater

The Brits will be left wondering just when a little bit of luck will come their way after they were on the losing end of another 7 goal thriller. The game kicked off late and despite that, The Exiles were a kee...

March 19, 2019

Keane makes an unexpected but welcome return to the team and gets straight back to scoring ways in a tight draw

Los Casteneros (2) 4

Los Británicos (2) 4

Verenka, Borque, Keane 2

Parque Ebro 17/03/19 20:00

Cabañero, Rooney, Ferns, Pernas, Borque, Kinsella, Morris, Verenka, Keane, Wells, Gilman

In one of the best squad turn outs of the year, the Exiles lined up to take on the team that had seen a pulsating 6-6 draw in the last meetin...

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