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Fall into the hands of God, not into the hands of Spain

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Dynamo De PA (1) 5

Británicos (0) 1


@CMF Pablo Iglesias 16/01/22 19:00

"And the sun went down, and the stars came out far over the summer sea, But never a moment ceased the fight of the one and the fifty-three."

- Alfred Lord Tennyson: The Revenge : A Ballad of the Fleet

After the extended break over the new year, with the league postponing a full round of matches, the Brits grimly set about opening their 2022 schedule against run away league leaders Dynamo de PA with a long list of absentees and a litany of injuries, the fool hardy few gathered to face the ravages of a war dog in the cry.

The Brits began in scintillating form. Neptune's trident, Pernas, Lepore and Bates posing questions of the title tilting defence with the opposition taking their chances on the break only to flail on the rocks of the towering Rooney, becoming a more imperious presence at the back as every match passes. Covering the lighthouse was Atrian, who also performed with admirable attention when called upon. Shaw had been drafted to play in the back line and gave not only a defensive performance to be envied but also a pacey outlet. Gilman, Lasierra and Cordoba shared shifts on the left giving options of differing styles.

It was a grand old affair. The Brits flying like hounds off the leash. The Dynamo's were flustered and unsettled when the Brits had the ball but meanwhile predatory on the ball. The Dyanamo's eventually broke the tension in the second third of the half after a free kick blocked by the wall was hit goalward again and caught out Atrian at the near post.

The Brits were not to be perturbed and showed resolve and determination. The Dynamo reaction was unsightly. Limbs flying out, tempestuous elbows and fists and on more than one occasion thunderous challenges that seemed to forget the ball was the target. The panic started to show and in one extraordinary break Bates rounded one player and then outstretched two others to bear down on goal, only to lose his angle on the shot. It was fine port laced with gunpowder. The explosions came once again as a Dynamo midfielder squared up to Shaw, causing the players to gather together around the half way line. The Brits were unlucky not to make the pressure pay at the death with a chaotic scramble before a last break saw Atrian block and then Shaw deny a certain goal to see the half out. A breathtaking half no less of flowing, exquisite football. The Brits had the league leaders uncertain and arguing amongst themselves and the half time intermission was met with enthusiasm and determination to keep playing their game.

The Brits did strike first in the second half and set the game alight. Lepore bringing the ball forward before stroking it home past the keeper. It was cloud 9, the Brits had the game by the scruff of the neck, could it be, a most unlikely event was about to take place?

No, Dynamo upped their game and proceeded to demonstrate exactly why they are dominating the league. They surged down the left to almost prod themselves back into the lead with ease, only to miss the near post. Moments later they made no such mistake in a repeat move. When it looked like Pernas was open to try and pull one back, he had his pocket picked and a fast break saw the Dynamo put the game almost certainly beyond reach.

An ugly bust up once again flared up on the half way line as a Dynamo player went in late on Pernas and the Peruvian lashed back. The two teams came together once more and a series of yellow cards were handed out to the Dynamo players. The game had turned sour. Moments later a soft shot deflected wildly off Shaw and beyond Atrian to make it 4-1. To add insult to injury, the attempt to change direction aggravated a shoulder injury for Atrian who had to retire, to be replaced by Lasierra.

The Dynamo team added another to flatter themselves and further unpleasantness followed during the celebrations. The match trickled away from the Brits not for want of trying, effort or ability, simply the opposition were able to find another gear and played better. The defeat did not rankle the Brits, but the behaviour and attitude of the opposition frustrated them somewhat.

Surprisingly, on the final whistle there was no bad blood and the Brits hope they can return the favour when the two sides meet again later in the year.

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