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The Bulldogz Bookswap is a library operated in Zaragoza. Our full literary archive is available to review here.

Due to COVID restrictions we have had to pause our gatherings and so are now offering the swap service online.

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Text Results
Front Cover
1421: the year China discovered the World
Gavin Menzies
A brave vessel
Hobson Woodward
A likeness in stone
Julia Wallis Martin
A painted house
John Grisham
A price too high: a memoir
Peter Rawlinson
A short history of nearly everything
Bill Bryson
Above suspicion
Lynda La Plante
Jean-Christophe Rufin
Aeneid: Book IX and X
After Tamerlane: The global history of Empire
John Darwin
Against the flow
Samuel Brittan
Age of assassins
Michael Newton
All the light we cannot see
Anthony Doerr
Along came a spider
James Patterson
Alphabet weekends
Elizabeth Noble
Alta fidelidad
Nick Hornby
Aneurin Bevan 1897-1945
Michael Foot
Aneurin Bevan 1945-1960
Michael Foot
Danielle Trussoni
Another World 1897-1917
Anthony Eden
Anthony Eden
Robert Rhodes James
Anthony and Cleopatra
William Shakespeare (Edited by J. H. Case)
Apocalypse Next Tuesday
David Safier
Are you smart enough to work at google?
William Pundstone
Are you smarter than a chimpanzee?
Ben Ambridge
Aubrey's brief lives
John Aubrey
Augustus: From revolutionary to Emperor
Adrian Goldsworthy
Aventuras Ibericas: Recorridos, reflexiones e irreverencias
Ian Gibson
Banvard's Folly: Thirteen tales of renowned obscurity, famous anonymity, and rotten luck
Paul Collins
Barbarians: an alternative Roman history
Terry Jones
Barrow's Boys: A stirring story of daring, fortitude and outright lunacy
Fergus Fleming
Bridget Jones's diary
Helen Fielding
Calling down the storm
Peter Murphy
Camera Lucida
Roland Barthes
Cecil Beaton
Hugo Vickers
Chance governs all: A memoir
Marmaduke Hussey
Philippa Gregory
Chap Magazine
By order of the Peaky Blinders
Choosing your English
John Haycraft
Confessions of an English opium-eater
Thomas de Quincey
Consider Phlebas
Iain M. Banks
Continental Drifter : Taking the low road with the first grand tourist
Tim Moore
John Updike
Craft beer for the people
Richard Taylor
Cyril Connolly: a life
Jeremy Lewis
D: A tale of two worlds
Michel Faber
Deep Work
Cal Newport
Digital fortress
Dan Brown
Doctor Faustus
Christopher Marlowe
Dragon tears
Dean Koontz
ESL Classroom activities for teens & adults
Shelley Ann Vernon
Easy way to stop smoking
Allen Carr
Echo park
Michael Connelly
Stephenie Meyer
El Bosco
Walter Bosing
El caso de los anonimos
Agatha Christie
El silencioso clamor de las estrellas
J. Esteban Perruca
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Marion Meade
English accents and dialects
Arthur Hughes and Peter Trudgill
FMR: no.93 - Mystic brides, art and madness, memento mori, casa Gaudí
Franco Maria Ricci
Fatal voyage
Kathy Reichs
Fighting with allies: America and Britain in peace and war
Robin Renwick
Flat Earth news
Nick Davies
Paul Preston
Mary Shelley
From the Holy Mountain
William Dalrymple
Function in English
Jon Blundell
Geronimo: the true story of America's most ferocious warrior
S. M. Barrett
Gielgud's letters
John Gielgud