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Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers

Harry Harrison



A 1973 comic science fiction novel, a parody of the space opera genre.

Two college students, Chuck van Chider and his friend Jerry Courtenay, accidentally invent a device that can transport them through space, powered by a substance called "Cheddite", which is created by irradiating Cheddar cheese.

Chuck and Jerry, their apparent mutual love interest Sally Goodfellow and their janitor-turned-KGB spy Old John find themselves transported to Titan, a moon of Saturn, where they must contend with the native Titanians. Later, through a bizarre chain of events, they are flung into the far reaches of the galaxy, where they become involved in an intergalactic war that could change the universe forever.


Science Fiction


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A lot of cheese crammed into a short space. A parody of huge proportions and a must for those who love the genre. It might be a bit too hammy for those unfamiliar with the style.
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