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What is BulldogZ?

Providing English language solutions;


- customised courses (courses to meet your specific language needs)

- content creation (for your website or business)

- voice over work (native voices with years of experience)

- audio/visual presentation

- copy editing

- online events (live quizzes, debate sessions, classes)

Distance learning

Busy schedule?

Can’t make it to the classroom?

We provide online classes as well as flexible calls to fit your demanding timetable.

Student in Library
Additional services

Proofreading & copy editing, audiovisual media, voice-over, script production/editing, thesis review, award-winning music production.

Vintage Mic
Merrick Wells

Merrick has been a qualified language teacher since 1998, with experience teaching around the globe, his methods have achieved a perfect exam pass rate at all levels.

Years of experience and natural stagecraft on national radio, television and as a touring musician have provided Merrick with the tools to create dynamic, entertaining and engaging learning environments.

Award winning musical composer, actor and a powerful singer with a professional background in politics and healthcare management. 

A voice over artist with experience in academic & commercial narration, radio spots, documentaries and drama.

Merrick has a wealth of experience and energy to bring to the classroom

Custom courses

We are experienced in delivering customised products, see the SpeaknicPro debate series for an example of a ‘debate’ project delivered according to client specification

(Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza).

Whatever the objective, we can create your quality materials and a course that delivers.


The EOI (Escuela Oficial de Idiomas) are among our satisfied clients with our British culture series

'An Englishman in Aragón'

We are experienced public speakers and can deliver on-demand talks and workshops.

Benjamin Ansell

Benjamin is a TEFL qualified English teacher with 10 years experience and a background in media.


- Translation of the title ‘Kyokushin Karate’ by Fernando Perez

- Voice over for the 7 part Libelium IoT course ´Design and architecture in the IoT’

- Curation and delivery of ‘Speaknic’ the English language debate series since 2018, funded by Zaragoza Activa

- 3 years experience in content creation for the website

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