Future Forms

The Fundamental future forms in Englsh

Will, be going to & the present continuous

Future actions & intentions

Predictions about the future

Will & Shall

What is the difference between Will & Shall

Decisions about future actions

Offers of help

Facts about the future

Shall with I & We

Future Present Simple

Using the Present Simple to discuss events in the future

A timetable

A schedule

A known fact

An arrangement

Future Expressions

Expressions to talk about the future:

Be to

Be due to

Be about to/Be on the point of

Further Future Forms

Introduction to further forms to talk about the future:

Future Continuous (Will + be + gerund)

Future Perfect (Will + have + participle)

Future Perfect Continuous (Will + have + been + gerund)

Future in the past

Future Continuous
Future Perfect
Future Perfect Continuous
Future In The Past

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