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The Exile

Mark Oldfield



The follow up to Spanish no.1 bestseller 'The Sentinel.'

A spellbinding second instalment in a trilogy of rare power and narrative scope that unlocks the dark heart of Spain, weaving past and present together to portray a country still scarred by civil war, still riven by fear and hatred, still plagued by secrets that refuse to die.

1954: Comandante Guzmán has been posted deep into the Basque country to confront a man known only as 'El Lobo'. Guzmán was last here in the war though he would rather forget that. But he hasn't been forgotten, and high in the mountains, he must fight for his life, against someone who has been searching for him for a very long time...

2010, Madrid: On the eve of an election, the government commission Forensic Investigator Ana María Galindez to investigate the scandal of the 'Niños Robados' the thousands of children stolen at birth during the years of the dictatorship. The politicians hope her findings will pacify public outrage at the thefts, but there are many who would prefer those secrets to remain hidden. And if that means silencing Galíndez, they will.


Fiction thriller mystery


Bulldogz HQ


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