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An opening night with bite

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@CMF Pablo Iglesias 18:00 06/11/22

The new season had arrived with great enthusiasm but also uncertainty. The core of the squad remained unchanged, with Wells, Ferns, Rooney, Gilman and Shaw providing the mainstay since the formation of the club and with a new injection of fresh blood. Three debuts were to be made in the dying light of the day, with Morrell taking the midfield fulcrum with Duff and Carr offering running and drive on the wings. Shaw was missing through illness, Pernas through injury and debutants McDonough-Flynn and Wright not able to make the match. Despite not being able to make the team sheet for 2021-22 season, Morris was expressing possibility about his return to the line up but not for this opening fixture.

The game got underway with optimism, although a little thin on the ground (a problem that the squad may face on more occasion this year with a slimmed down squad total). There was some bright early running and some inventive interplay but the opposition seemed to have an edge as they started to carve out opportunities with some quick passing and the abundance of changes they had available on the bench to keep their legs fresh. Wells, in goal as squad keeper rather than deputy, surprised his team mates and himself with a string of impressive saves. The defensive pairing of Ferns and Rooney, struggling to overcome the impact of an enthusiastic Saturday night, rediscovered their instinct and wrestled control back over the defensive line, restricting the opposition to distant efforts.

Morrell and Lepore were combining well and the running on the wings started to put the opposition defence under pressure, although the Exiles were unable to carve out any clear shots on goal. Duff was demonstrating a strong and tenacious presence with energy to run on his attacking runs combining with a relentless desire to dispossess opposition players. Carr showed a similar spirit after a nervous start and this outlets were giving the Brits some strong opportunities to exploit the wings.

It was perhaps a little unfortunate that the Brits hit the half time whistle trailing by one. An uncharacteristic error from the imperious Rooney allowed a striker behind the line and one on one with the keeper. Although Wells had denied the opposition strikers several times during the half, this time the striker placed the ball tight and low and despite getting his hand to the shot, it was not enough to prevent the ball from hitting the back of the net.

At half time the team were upbeat and felt they could pull themselves back into the match. Alas the second half saw a combination of ludicrous bad luck, flashes of excellent skill and tired legs condemn the Brits to a disappointing coda.

The early stages of the second half saw the Brits probe the opposition defence and provide some moments of pressure but in a rare counter attack Wells could only parry a long shot which fell to a striker to convert from close range. The ball was thunderously smacked into the keepers face and while still groggy he hesitated and conceded a third in quick succession.

The Brits were then to fall victim to an astonishing route one counter attack as an astoundingly well taken half volley was lashed in to make the score four and the game was effectively over as a contest. Two more goals were to be scored as the Brits fell victim to unfortunate deflections and ricochets, leading to Rooney claiming an unwanted own goal before Wells attempted a clearance which crashed back into the goal off an opposition striker.

The Británicos were frustrated by the effective and regular substitutions emerging from the legions on the opposition bench who kept the Brits behind the stamina curve. It was felt that perhaps a three goal defeat was a fair reflection of the rhythm of the game but there was no one on the Brit line up who put in a bad performance. The coming weeks would see how the table would settle out and the Brits will need to dust themselves down and prepare for the next challenge.

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