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Brits demonstrate ruthless superiority and inexplicable generosity

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Exiles relieved to come away on the winning side of a seven goal haul.

Los Satanases De Los Pasos (0) 3

30, 39, 49

Los Británicos (2) 4

Peribañez 7, 35, Shaw 18, Morris 41

Parque Ebro 10/02/19 18:00

Wells, Slater, Rooney, Peribañez, Pernas, Shaw, Morris

The Brits, along with all teams in the Delicias league structure observed an emotive minute silence prior to kick off this week. Last week matches had been postponed after the sudden, tragic death of a player during a match. This season mired in mourning has seen all confront mortality and the fragility of life. As one of the team summed it up succinctly in a hushed conversation..."To head out to play football and never return..that is not what life should be."

A scratch built team was able to emerge from the ashes of the Brit squad. Injuries, mourning and unexpected hospitalisation of squad members had left the cupboard bare, leaving a minimum of seven players to line up for the latest fixture against an equally frail Satanases, who were worse for wear, presenting only six players.

The extra player was going to be a clear advantage although both teams were aware of the amount of exhaustion that was ahead of them. The opposition kicked off and attempted to hold on to the ball and play the clock from the off. With very little willingness to probe the Brit defence and a vague hope of pinging the ball across the back, the Brits carefully sat off and kept their shape and very quickly took the game by the scruff of the neck.

It was clear that Los Satanes were going to be under the kosh for the majority of the game as the Brits demonstrated some delightful and thoughtful build up play. The extra man enabled fluid passing movement and clever runs pulled the opposition out of shape. Throw ins and corners were the result of constant peppering of the target. Shaw, Morris, Pernas and Peribañez all enjoying possession, space and coming close with opportunities. Rooney was unlucky not to convert a throw in at the far post, but Peribañez was on hand to slot home a corner at the far post from close range in short order.

The opposition only managed one break in numbers on the counter attack from a Brit corner before the move was broken up by an impressive interception from Morris having bust a lung to get back to support the defence. A long distance speculative effort took a deflection off Rooney but Wells shepherded it on to the post, a further long distance effort was smothered comfortably and a free kick, attempted by the opposition goalkeeper brushed the top of the bar, otherwise the defensive pairing of Slater and Rooney looked calm and assured. Closing down and intercepting optimistic balls and impressive in turnover of play unleashing Shaw, Pernas and Peribañez with alarming frequency. Morris was finding rich and instinctive interaction with Shaw on the right, Pernas and Peribañez gave the defence a torrid time, breezing through challenges and pulling defenders out of position. The second goal came from Shaw lashing home a Morris throw but the score could have really been substantially greater. Slater was unlucky hitting the post and rifling over the bar, Morris had a goal scrubbed off as he was called back for offside. It was a satisfying and dominant half of football.

The second half was supposed to be more of the same, but that just would not satisfy the dramatic flourish of Brit performances. The opposition did double down their attacking urgency, hoping to find a more effective way to break round the back of the defence and at at least threaten the Exiles goal. More of the play certainly took place in the Brit half and although there was more persistence, the line held firm. It was a surreal series of events that turned a routine victory into dramatic competitive fixture.

Slater took a throw in the defensive Brit third on the right. The referee penalised him for a foul throw which Slater hotly disputed, The resultant opposition throw saw a ball finally get launched into the Brit box and present a close range threat. Pernas looked to have it covered, getting his head to it in front of the attacker, only to see it scoop and swerve over the outstretched arms of Wells in goal. It was inexplicable and suddenly made the Brit resilience look human, beatable. The opposition were buoyed.

The Brits refocused and pegged the opposition back, once again making the extra man count and stretching the play, it was not long before they had restored their two goal cushion. Having scrambled in chaos and panic through the barrage of Morris long throws, their defence bunched at the near post to receive a Shaw throw, anticipating something with less reach and power. As it happened, from somewhere unknown, Shaw delivered a powerful and accurate long throw, over the heads of the entire defence and to the feet of Peribañez who had the easiest finish of his life side footing into a gaping empty net unchallenged. Relief swept through the Brit team and the opposition faltered once more, chasing shadows and running out of energy. The Brits bossed once more, and Peribañez had a golden opportunity to seal a hat trick only to see his effort scuff the post. It seemed only a matter of time before the Brits could put the match to bed as Los Satanes were reduced to pot shots or attempting to win free kicks to attempt shots. One such free kick moved wickedly in the air but did not dip enough to hit the target and another went harmlessly wide. Wells collected the ball and seeing Slater coming forward he played the ball to him to start building a new attack. Slater, having entered the goal area felt he could not touch the ball and let it pass, as the two players looked at eachother in confusion the opposition stole the ball and converted before Wells could react.

It was such a bizarre way to concede and so frustrating that the Brits felt their bad luck streak was once more going to unstitch their hard work. Suddenly unsteady, surrendering possession and letting the opposition back into the game. Communication between keeper and defenders seemed to break down and balls were falling between the two, but they did equally break with speed and effectiveness, It was Morris who completed one of these fluid counter attacks, leaving the keeper stranded and converting off the far post.

Surely now the game was beyond the reach of the exhausted opposition? The Brits seemed to reassume control and make their player advantage count, putting the opposition under pressure and once more threatening to score with frequency. Despite this dominance Los Satanes were finding success in their own attacks. One cross from the right was drilled along the floor to be palmed away by the keeper, momentarily terrifying Slater and Wells as they saw a potential repeat of a goal conceded in a recent match, but this time, the interception found a white shirt. A searching high ball found Wells stranded but Slater was on hand to head clear off the line. It seemed the job had been done, but with a final sting in the tail Los Satanaes scored a third after a wicked deflection of the ball saw it arc beyond the keeper and in by the far post well out of reach with just minute remaining.

Los Satanaes attempted one final big push but as the ball sailed wide the game reached a conclusion. The win was dedicated to Gilman's appendix and the Brits can look forward to the forthcoming derby game against Ecotisa with enthusiasm

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