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The Bitter Harvest

Patachopos (2) 4

F..C Británicos (1) 3

Kilduff, Lepore 2

@CMF Valdefierro 18:00 13/11/22

In the 2018-19 season these teams competed, twice, with a hard fought draw and a rampage by the Brits. The British core of the squad was the same in those matches as they were today, Wells, Ferns, Rooney, Gilman, Shaw. The match was preceded by a minutes silence for Remembrance Sunday and the match got underway in fine form in the blue wedge of the twilight.

It was the Patachopos who showed the early eye for goal, with a swirling long shot that almost wrong footed the keeper, but the Brits showed the most promise with consistent play to feet and the twinkle toes of Lepore running around the opposition tackles, but the opposition found the net first, through probes down their left hand side. A surreal looping effort that seemed to be a cross managed to find the net and after only 8 minutes the Brits were trailing.

The Exiles continued to press and find some good movement only to be sucker punched once more as that left hand side saw a very well placed swerving shot exploit the tiniest of windows to find the near post and the Brits were in trouble.

A brief spell of uncertainty washed over the team, losing their heads and calmness, but they were soon back in control and looking to unlock the opposition. Lepore combined well with McDonough-Flynn, (making his debut) almost finding the breakthrough with a one two move. Gilman had two efforts on goal, one narrowly wide of the post and the other snatched at, sending it high. As the half came to a close, Wells tipped a free kick onto the bar and then a reflex save on the line from the resultant corner turned into a team move, Rooney surging from the back to unleash Lepore who found Kilduff. The Irishman struck the ball first time and found the far post bringing the scores to a one goal deficit on the stroke of half time.

The second half started with an expectation of turning the tide but in the early stages a freekick saw the Patachopos extending their lead. Wells read the shot but could not keep hold of the ball, the rebound was jumped on by the opposition striker and the two goal cushion was regained.

The Brits surged forward to try and recover the match and a full half of Brit barrage ensued. The Patachopos found themselves up against the wall as wave after wave attempted to restore parity. Kilduff and Lepore came agonisingly close on occasions but the patience remained. Lepore snatched a goal after emerging from a huddle of defenders to reduce the lead, with ten minutes remaining the game was turning to the Exiles.

It was Lepore who lost the ball enabling a rare Patachopo break, Rooney was able to block the shot that emerged, but it merely deflected the effort agonisingly out of the reach of the Exiles keeper. It was devastating, but the Brits continued to press, pinning the opposition into their box. Lepore took another, with extraordinary skill and the Brits had their tales up.

Lepore would miss the post by inches and then Adam Ferns had a shot taken off his toe.

Despite herculean effort the Brits simply ran out of time. Patachopos played well but the feeling in the camp was that the Brits should have had the points this evening.

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