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Brits put to the sharp edge

Británicos (0) 0

Red Bull Razor (1) 3

@CMF Delicias 17:00 13/03/22

This was a hotly anticipated affair. The previous meeting had finished a tight 1-0 to the Brits and the Razors were clearly pumped and ready for the return fixture. The game started as an edgy and uncertain affair.

It was to be a curious and rather uneventful match which turned on a quite breathtaking early second half goal. The Brits had huffed and puffed to a one nil half time deficit. Despite some good possession and some slick moves they struggled to find the final product. Red Bull looked hungry but similarly unable to take their opportunities, bar one sharply taken finish.

As the second half started to settle a ball fell loose outside the penalty area and the Red Bull player hit the ball toward goal despite the attentions of Bates. The short curled through the air toward the top corner and Wells, despite getting an outstretched hand to the ball was only able to deflect the ball back under the angle of the post and the bar. It was an astonishing strike and it put the wind in the Red Bull sails and winded the Brits badly.

As the Brits tried to get something from the match space opened up at the back and the Razors were able to add a late third in a one on one. Some Red Bull tempers flared unnecessarily as the game faded to a close and the Brits trudged back to the changing room knowing they had not been beaten by a better team, but a team with more determination to overturn their defeat in the previous meeting.

The Exiles must now pick themselves up for a return fixture against the Black Falcons who had put them to the sword before Christmas.


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