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Titanic Tales 


Titanic Tales 

Kink, Mr. Anton

Passenger: 3rd Class


6 Mar 1883

Mahrensdorg, Styria, Austria


7 Apr 1959

Graz, Austria




Anton Kink was born in Mahrensdorf, Styria, Austria and moved to Switzerland in 1906. He married German born Luise Heilmann in 1908 shortly after their daughter Luise was born.  He was a shopkeeper and the family lived in Zurich together with his siblings Maria and Vincenz.

All five boarded Titanic together in 1912, bound for Milwaukee. Anton and Vincenz shared a cabin on F Deck near the bow with Albert Wirz, Josef Arnold, Leo Zimmermann and (almost certainly) Wenzel Linhart.  On the night of the disaster he was awoken by the sound of the impact and his brother ran upstairs to the welldeck, Anton followed him. They saw the iceberg and decided to return to their cabin to get dressed, pack and put on their life preservers. As they did,, water started to pour in.

Anton woke his wife and the women she shared her cabin with: Aloisia Haas, Josefine Arnold and his own sister Maria Kink.  He managed to get his family to the Boat-Deck, although they lost his brother and sister in the throng on the way. In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal he said :

"A sailor took my child and handed her into one of them. My wife was also helped in by the sailors. I was touched upon the shoulder and asked to step back, whereupon my wife and child cried at the top of their voices at my being left behind. I ducked down, broke through those standing about and jumped into the boat as it was lowered."

Anton survived the disaster but lost everything he owned with the exception of some cheap Swiss cigarettes. Sadly his brother and sister did not secure passage off the ship and died in the disaster. Once in New York the family spent a few days in hospital and his uncle Alois Hofer sent money from Milwaukee so they could afford a train journey to join him.  

He found work in a factory and then leased a farm once he had enough money. He divorced his wife in 1919 and then returned to native Austria. In 1920 he married Josefa Stranzel and they had a son Fritz, born in 1922. They ran a food shop until they decided to emigrate to Brazil in 1924. The venture proved unsuccesful and they returned to Graz in Austria in 1939. 

Anton died in 1959, his wife in 1984 and their son in 1985. 







Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Primary source : Encyclopaedia Titanica 

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