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Kyokushin: a complete guide

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

The world of fitness has adapted to the challenges of confined practice during recent times of enormous change. In Zaragoza, Spain, one man takes on the fight against physical and mental stagnation brought about by new confined lifestyles and interrupted routines.

Shihan Fernando Pérez is a 6th dan Kyokushin practitioner and master of his dojo ‘the Budo Karate Club.’ He has practiced Kyokushin since his teens which, as he explains in an interview with Bulldogz, is more than just martial art, it is a way of life, a system with which to provide order, discipline and meaning.

Shihan Pérez has traveled the world as a competitor and teacher, having represented Spain in two World Championships in Tokyo, Japan, holding two European Championship silver medals and is now the Director of the KWF (Kyokushin World Federation) School of Instructors. In his current role as Director, he organises training sessions for instructors, European Kyokushin camps and recently hosted the Kyokushin European Championships (read more). His dojo, the Budo Karate Club has obtained various National, European and World titles through the high caliber of its dedicated students.

During the strict rolling lockdowns of 2020 Shihan Pérez found himself, at times, at home and unable to connect properly with his students. Like many, he began delivering his classes online, as well as delivering talks, in which he shared the lessons of his lifelong experience with practitioners all over the world.

It was during these moments of confinement and noticing the gap left in the lives of many by the lack of gyms, dojos, training and so on that he decided to do something to bring his experiences and knowledge to a broader audience.

The first edition of his book ‘Kyokushin: evolution without forgetting tradition’ was released in his native Spanish 17 years prior, it had often been remarked that an English version would be greatly received. An English ediiton would bring the techniques, methodology and self-discipline to a much broader audience, as well as the benefits of digital platforms meaning practitioners could even take it with them to the gym, dojo or park to train.

In collaboration with Bulldogz a translation was produced which now includes additional chapters dedicated to combat and training systems. A detailed exploration of how to transfer energy and increase the efficacy of strikes to specific parts of the body, as well as methods to improve physical and psychological preparation.

The new edition explores the origins of Kyokushin, the spirit and philosophy of the martial art and its evolution. As well as a complete image-based guide for practitioners of all levels. If you are new to Kyokushin and curious, check out our interview with the author and order a paperback or digital copy, you can start training today at a local dojo, at home or form your own training group.

For experienced practitioners, explore the techniques and methodology of this experienced master and continue on your journey of evolution, without forgetting tradition.



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