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Updated: Nov 26, 2020

The way of the Budo

Zaragoza is Spain's fifth-largest city in terms of population, a fact that mystifies its inhabitants who refer to it as 'the big village.' Equidistant between the globally recognised Barcelona and Madrid, cities synonymous with sporting triumph, it produces confused shrugs when mentioned outside Spanish borders. Yet, amongst other sporting achievements documented in our series 'From the halfway line' it is home to some of the World's deadliest Kyokushin Karate practitioners. They live among us, we pass them in the street, with no idea of their supernatural ability to leap through the air and shatter thick wooden boards, demolish baseball bats with their hands and demonstrate restless endurance on the tatami mat.

The Budo Karate Club was established by Shihan Fernando Perez, 6th dan black belt 25 years ago. In June 2018 the club celebrates its quarter of a century anniversary. We met with Shihan Perez to discuss the inspiration behind his club, that has consistently produced World, International and National champions and contenders. The blood, sweat and tears shed on the tatami and the Osu spirit, or 'spirit of endurance' that not only keeps a warrior fighting on the mat, but has the power to change lives in study, work and beyond. Listen to the podcast and enjoy a more complete history of the club with the 25th anniversary commemorative newsletters in English and Spanish.


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