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Best 24-hour online music stations for BGM (background music)

We work at home, we study at home, we relax at home and sometimes we make sweet sweet cookies. Music has been used to affect our mood since pre-tik-tok. You get in a lift, sit in a waiting room, drive your car or sit in a bar chatting to a friend and background music shapes the atmos. Music at the right tempo, volume and tone can support concentration and improve mood.

Check out our pick of 24-hour stations to create the optimal environment for whatever you’re trying to focus on.



Cafe Music BGM – jazz piano and slow jazz, pour yourself a whisky or a tea and pretend you’re doing data entry underground in a Soho bar.

Cafe Music BGM – a very light rain sound adds to the soothing sound of this jazz and bossa nova station.

The Jazz hop cafe – café vibes, a delightful blend of jazz and lo-fi hip hop.

Cafe Music BGM - Christmas Jazz, what better way to get into the festive spirit, any time of the year.


Lo-fi hip hop

Chilled cow – the music mafia of the hip hop BGM, loads of stations on this channel that basically launched the music streaming scene. Accompanied by a, now famous, manga-style character studying and doing various other things. Explore the channel for more stations.

Steezy as fuck – coffee shop beats, again many stations on this channel worth a listen and comforting graphics.

The bootleg boy – A manga style girl smokes in a window to relaxing lo-fi beats, what more do you want?


Vintage music

Old World Radio 2 - this channel has several live stations, that are all great, this one in particular is full of swinging vintage tunes. Designed around the period games Fallout, Bioshock and others, the video itself is covered in crazy looking windows, but ignore that and you’ve got 24 hours of top quality vintage audio.

New J Channel - 70’s 80’s Japanese Soul, Funk, Disco – some rare and damn funky tunes for keeping a rhythm.


Rock and Indie

World has post rock – The post-rock night time drive is made up of post-rock, instrumental, ambient music as well as music for studying, focusing and relaxing.

Old World radio 2 - Rockabilly radio, plain and simple, toe-tapping rockabilly for the cleanest dishes you ever cleaned.

Frequenzy – Frequenzy have a great selection of 24/7 live channels, this one is made up of a mix of indie, pop and rock music provided and handpicked by artists worldwide.



Tpyxa art – Synthwave/electrowave, a spaceman rides in a buggy while smoking a pipe inside his helmet...oh and synth.

Nightride FM - Synthwave/cyberpunk/retrowave – Bladerunner, 80’s computer game style beats, great gaming background tunes.

DGtv - Synth arcade radio, synthwave without copyright for defeating the final boss.



Sleepify – The classical fireplace, classic music with a gentle fire crack for EXTREME relaxation.

I love you Venice - Classical Baroque, rousing music for enthusiastic cleaning.

I love you Venice - Classical piano, the perfect study accompaniment


Easy listening

The good life radio – best of Relaxing & Chill House Music, Deep House, Tropical House, EDM, Dance & Pop as well as Music for Sleep, Focus, Study, Workout, Gym, Running and more.

BGM Channel - Easy listening guitar with campfire crackle and nature sounds as a chap sits on a log and drinks a hot beverage

Chill your mind – Beach music, summer and chillout for the eternal lick of the summer sun



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