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Aragón cities isolated and Level 3 restrictions confirmed

As people and businesses were just beginning to digest the implications of the Level 2 restrictions imposed upon Aragón, the Regional Government have reacted to further positive testing increases with the decision to enact perimeter lockdowns on Zaragoza, Huesca and Teruel from midnight Thursday 22nd October while the entire region will be placed in Level 3 measures to start this coming Monday.

The impact of City perimeter confinement was covered here, please note entry and exit restrictions but also the strong recommendation to only make journeys within the city that are absolutely necessary .

Level three restrictions to come into force Monday are a tightened version of the existing Level 2 situation we find ourselves in now. Masks are still maintained as obligatory, but the following are the basic set of restrictions that we must be prepared for:

Social Activity:

  1. Maximum 6 people in social gatherings unless they are living together.

  2. Collective consumption of beverages on the street or in public spaces is prohibited.

  3. Closed clubs or similar meeting places.

  4. Smoking on the street is prohibited if a minimum distance of 2 meters cannot be respected .

Hotels, restaurants and celebrations

  1. Open until 10pm, except for home delivery services

  2. Indoor consumption prohibited

  3. 50% of the capacity on the terrace and at tables of up to 6 people.

  4. Nightlife and dance floors prohibited

  5. In celebrations such as weddings, baptisms or communions, 10 people inside and 15 outside

Commerce, services and establishments

  1. 25% of the capacity in:

    1. retail establishments and business premises and professional activities and services;

    2. in hypermarkets , medium and large surfaces, centres, shopping parks or shops that are part of them;

    3. stalls enabled in markets on public roads; 

    4. gaming and betting establishments .

  2. 50% of the capacity in food retail outlets .

  3. Closed the youth leisure centres, playgrounds and recreation centres.


  1. 25% of its capacity .

  2. Burials and wakes : maximum of 15 people in open spaces and 10 in closed spaces .


  1. 25% of its capacity in museums, cinemas, theatres and auditoriums.

  2. 25% of the capacity in open air shows , with a maximum of 150 people.


  1. Non-professional events suspended .

  2. Professional competitions without public.

  3. Maximum capacity of 25% in gyms and outdoor or indoor swimming pools and bathing areas for recreational use.

  4. Sports activities conducted in closed spaces will have a maximum participation of 6 people.

Education & Training

  1. 30% capacity in academies, driving schools, non-regulated education and training centres.

  2. 25% of the capacity in libraries .

  3. congresses, meetings, conferences and events to be held online only.

No further restrictions have been announced for application in schools or public transport. We anticipate that public pressure might be applied in either of these areas and do not be surprised if further amendments are announced before Monday.

Meanwhile, the regional authorities in La Rioja have also announced their intention to close the autonomous border of the region, much like the region of Navarra has already announced. it remains to be seen if Aragón will implement such a further measure.


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