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Potential curfews amongst latest proposals being considered

As much of Spain is adjusting to major changes to what normal means, it seems news of further changes are starting to come at us thick and fast. Here is a brief overview of some of the latest developments including a worrying story emerging out of Madrid that might have an impact for everyone across Spain.

Click here for a detailed summary of current restrictions in force across Aragón

Potential Zaragoza Perimeter for containment set out

The Decree that provides for the potential perimeter isolation of the city of Zaragoza has been defined.

The confinement will involve restriction of free entry and exit for residents in a territorial area

Justification for movement can be provided for the following cases:

  • Assistance to health centres, services and establishments.

  • Compliance with professional or business obligations.

  • Return to the place of residence.

  • Assistance and care for the elderly, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people.

  • Student attendance at educational centres of any level and stage of teaching.

  • Due to force majeure or situation of need.

  • Any other activity of a similar nature.

Circulation by roads and highways that cross municipal boundaries will be permitted if origin and destination both exist outwith the territory.

Circulation within the territory is permitted but non essential travel and activities are not recommended.

Tram and Bus stops to have Marshalls

The Zaragoza City authorities is to send inspectors and voluntary Marshalls to bus and tram stops during peak hours. Capacity has been capped at 75% and standing permitted at two people per metre squared. It is unclear what powers or procedures these Inspectors and Marshalls will have. The problem is that there is no system in place to count passenger numbers to ensure compliance.

Critics have called for further capacity to put into circulation and Councillor Natalia Chueca has explained that there is only one more tram unit available for deployment as it normally stands in reserve for faulty or damaged units. The bus network already has 353 vehicles in circulation. She stated that public transport demand was down 40% on normal use.

Navarra head to aggressive isolation

Late yesterday, the Navarra regional government made the formal announcement that they will be closing their borders this coming Thursday for 15 days. Entry and exit from the region will be restricted to work or emergency journeys only. This is the first such move in Spain, for an autonomous region to formally close the entire region. The action will be in concert with the closure of bars and restaurants which will be forced to close as well. Cultural and sports activities will have to be concluded by 9:00pm. Public transport capacity reduced to 50%. Social interaction restrictions are more stringent than those already en force in Aragón, with interaction limited to the coexistence unit only with the exception of those who live alone or need care or attention.

Madrid curfew request may impact all of Spain

The Madrid Minister of Health Enrique Ruiz Escudero has confirmed his region are contemplating a request to Government to declare a curfew similar to that in place in France. Such a policy was under discussion with the regional president Isabel Díaz Ayuso as a measure to combat concerns in Madrid. The regional government does not have the authority to impose a curfew and therefore are considering approaching central government to instigate the policy. The outcome of this is that it would be in effect for the whole of Spain!



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