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The good ship Britannia steams ahead through choppy waters

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Brits hit winning ways in an entertaining but tempestuous affair

F.C Británicos (1) 4

14 , 34 Morris

38 Gilman

43 Keane

Los Satanases De Los Pases (0) 1


Parque Ebro 28/10/18 18:15

Cabañero, Ferns, Wells, Keane (Y), Gilman, Shaw, Morris, Borque, Rooney, Peribañez,

Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of America, in 1787 wrote that “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”. There was much bleeding on the field of play in this tempestuous but thoroughly entertaining clash under the lights.

The Brits kicked off but lost possession almost immediately. Los Satanases passed the ball with urgency and brightness. The exiles defence held firm and absorbed the pressure with confidence. Once again, the pairing of Ferns and Wells at the back was ably supported by impressive tracking back by the midfield. The Satanases could not make their prolonged possession pay and the Brits started to string together some forays of their own. Each attack looked dangerous and exposed the soft underbelly of the opposition defence. For all their industry and trickery up front, Los Satanases were underwhelming in their back line.

The Brits peppered the opposition goal with ease, and were denied by the woodwork and some outstanding acrobatics in goal. Morris and Keane were both desperately unlucky not to have two goals apiece. Británicos play interchanged between direct through balls and neat passing interplay, it was surely only a matter of time before the goal came to calm the nerves and when it did it was one to savour. Cabañero rolled the ball out to Ferns who sidestepped a challenged and headed forward on a driving run. The Satanases midfield pushed toward him and he fed the ball to Keane in the centre who in turn threaded a pass for Morris to run on to, with just the keeper to beat he picked his spot and the ball nestled in the far bottom corner. The speed of the move had undone the opposition and the Brits had the lead they so richly deserved.

As they went in search of a second the game started to turn ugly. Los Satanases went down under pressure searching for freekicks and then pressuring the referee to produce cards. Ferns picked the pocket of one of the opposition forwards and turned defence into attack with another run. The opposition forward stayed down and the referee called the game back, much to the frustration of the Brits. Borque made progress down the right side, looking lively and linking up well with Perinañez, making his debut as number 9. Giving the Brits another angle on the attack. As Borque ran at the defence once again he was halted by a dreadful two footed tackle which miraculously did no damage but tempers flared. Keane, outraged, vehemently protested to the referee and the opposition crowded him. With heads pushed together and tensions high, frank words were exchanged and the referee seemed to be losing his control of the match. In this febrile mood Keane was struck in the face and the referee finally acted by booking both players. Keane, as ever, a target for opposition wrath, his trickery and effectiveness a constant threat.

The Satanases hectored the referee and dived for a penalty claim. The Brits had to weather a storm of a different kind, to maintain their cool as the aggression and temper of the opposition boiled over. Several Brits will be nursing bruises in the morning from this spell as the first half drew to a close. The first half certainly belonged to the exiles but while the dominance was significant, the lead was slender. The team used half time to calm and reinforce their game plan. Stick to what is working, rigid disciplined defending and shape. The alertness in defence giving a strong launching platform for the attacking side of their game.

The second half once again saw the Satanases enjoy a period of possession. Solid passing and a good understanding among their team saw them camped in the Brits final third, but Cabañero had little to do, although when called upon, performed with aplomb. The Brits, happy to soak up the pressure but aware the lead was on a knife edge and only one small mistake could let the opposition back into the game. Another tweak of the tact is and the team saw the balance of power shift once more. Jamie Shaw, the youngest in the Brit ranks, came alive on the right hand side. The opposition seemed to feel they could intimidate and muscle him off the ball, but his quick feet and turn saw him surge behind their line time and time again, at times hugging the touchline and finding gaps that he had no right to uncover. This tied with the relentless running of Gilman on the left wing and the towering Rooney in the centre saw the Brits able to turn defensive siege into attack with quick released balls out wide, Los Satanases could not risk being caught short on the break and frequently halted such drives with minor couls to break up play. From one such foul on Shaw, Morris launched a shot at goal from considerable distance that left the keeper flailing hopelessly. The Brits had found their cushion and now started to play with enjoyment and freedom.

It was just a short time after the second that a third was aded. Using the pace and agility of Shaw running riot on the wing Los Satanases were found short at the back and the ball was switched for Gilman to run on to it at the far post, it seemed like he had left it too late and lost his angle but he slotted home and whirled away jubilantly. Kissing the badge for good measure.

Los Satanases continued to press, much to their credit, and the Brit back line could not lose focus, Their ill temper and attempts to get Brits booked seemingly at odds with moments of appreciation for solid tackles and defensive break up play. Ferns, bravely preventing a shot int he area to applause and back slapping appreciation from the same player who had been so quick with antics and seeking penalties. But the fight had evaporated from their efforts and as the forward line, discouraged, did not track back, Brits thundered up field with swagger and an eye for goal. It came as no surprise that Keane got himself on the scoresheet to finally put the game to bed. As he celebrated, the Satanases once again tried to start foolish confrontation with him, once again forehead to forehead as one player remonstrated with Keane for smiling so broadly as he celebrated his goal. Having snuffed out the game, he switched with Piranañez to see out the match. Piranañez made an excellent cameo up front as he had done in the first half. Finding himself surrounded by opposition players and kinking his way between them, he will prove to be an effective addition to the squad.

The Brits were disappointed to concede a late consolation goal, as a cute ball managed to finally find a gap to exploit in the defensive line and Cabañero was unable to prevent he shot from striking home. The game was concluded not long after and much to everyone’s surprise, the general mood between the two sets of players was respectful and appreciative. It was a hard fought contest and both teams had contributed to what had been at times , an entertaining spectacle.

First points on the board for the exiles, and a squad brimming with confidence as they now look forward to next weeks’ keenly anticipated derby game against former team mates at Ecotisa. On today’s form, The Brits have nothing to fear and more disciplined and diligent performances like this will start to see them climb the table.

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