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"Triumph & Disaster"

The British are coming...

Bulldogz are proud to be associated with F.C Británicos, a British community football club in Zaragoza

2019-20 Season

Date               H/A   Comp    Res       Opp                                                    Scorers

20/10/19         H     Div3      W 6-1   Estrella Aragon                                 Morris 5, Shaw

2710/19           A     Div3      L 3-2     Gorilas de Algadon                          Morris, De Vicente

10/11/19         H     Div3      L 1-3     Real Zalarraza                                  Morris

17/11/19         A     Div3      L 6-2     Real Solafamides                             De Vicente, Morris  

24/11/19         H     Div3      L 0-2     Sherman F.C

01/12/19         A     Div3      L 0-2     Old School

15/12/19         H     Div3      D 3-3     M-Auto                                              Peribañez 3

12/01/20         A     Div3      W 2-1     AC Frio                                             Morris, Borque

19/01/20         A     Div3      L 3-2     Olympique Ceasar Augusta            Morris, Pernas

26/01/20         H     Div3      D 1-1    Ascuas Zone                                     Pernas

09/02/20         H     Div3      L 1-5    Old School                                         De Vicinte      

16/02/20         A     Div3      D 3-3    M-Auto                                              De Vicente 2, Shaw

23/02/20         H    Div3      D 4-4    AC Frio                                               Morris 3, Martin (P)

01/03/20         H    Div3      W 5-0   Gorilas de Algadon                           Morris 2, Martin, Peribañez, Gilman

08/03/20         A    Div3      D 3-3    Arsenal Delicias                                Martin, Borque, Peribañez 

F.C Británicos were formed by the English members of a previous 7 aside football team, to pursue British football ethos and style. Passionate about football and with a mission statement to demonstrate British push and run style, team commitment and quick movement can compete with Spanish technical flair. 

Non Brits are more than welcome, in fact if you want to use your English in a practical and fast moving environment what better place than out on the pitch, with an opponent breathing down your neck and three English men yelling instructions? Can you understand the difference between "Play it long", "one two" and "man on" or "get rid" and make that decision on the spot?

The Club plays in the Delicias Sunday 7's league, but has social events off the field in collaboration with their sponsors and partners

Contact us to join the adventure or follow the season with us here.

The Club motto "Triumph & Disaster" comes from the Rudyard Kipling poem "If". The line

"If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

And treat those two imposters just the same;"

hangs above the player entrance to Wimbledon Centre Court. It encapsulates the club ethos, perfectly.

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