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Polite requests

Habitual actions in the past

Future past

Past of "Will"/Reported speech

Conditional structures


Polite requests

Would is used to make requests. It is more polite than using will

Would you be able to collect my parents from the airport?

Habitual actions in the past

Would is used to talk about actions that were habitual:

We would always go to Church on a Sunday when I was young

Future Past

We sometimes use woudl to talk about the fruture from the point of view of the past. This is when the speaker looks forward to the future from a moemnt in the past.

When I broke my leg, I thought I would never play football again. 


Past of "will" and reported speech

When we report speech, will is converted into would:

"Will you come to my party?" Amy asked the boys

Amy asked if the boys woudl come to her party

Conditional structures

We use would in type II conditional structures to talk about hypothetical actions.

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