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Wonderful Christmas Time

Paul McCartney

Best UK Chart Pos.

Best US Chart Pos.

6th 1980

10th 1984

Best SPA Chart Pos.



  • Paul McCartney played all the instruments, sang all the vocals and produced the track earning all the royalites for the recording alone

  • 6th on the Top Ten Christmas Song Money Earners

2020 Christmas Song World Cup

Second place seed for Group Stage

E1: 279pts All I want for Christmas is you - Mariah Carey

E2: 222pts Step into Christmas- Elton John

E3:  209pts Rocking around the Xmas Tree- Brenda Lee

E4:  141pts Wonderful Christmas time - Paul McCartney

Group Stage : A poor showng from McCartney this year, finishing way off the pace on fourth.

2016 Christmas Song World Cup

Group Stage

2012 Christmas Song World Cup

2008 Christmas Song World Cup

Group Stage

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