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Feliz Navidad

José Feliciano

Best UK Chart Pos.

Best US Chart Pos.



Best SPA Chart Pos.



  • Written in 1970 by Puerto Rican José Feliciano

  • In top 25 played and recorded Christmas songs world wide

2020 Christmas Song World Cup

Fourth Place Seed for Group stage

F1:  269pts  White Christmas - Bing Crosby

F2:  258pts  Mary's Boy Child (Oh my Lord)- Boney M

F3:  195pts  Baby its cold outside - Neptune's Daughter cast

F4:  129pts  Feliz Navidad- Jose Feliciano

Group Stage: Fourth by a considerable distance. with the second lowest score of the stage

2016 Christmas Song World Cup

Did Not Qualify

2012 Christmas Song World Cup

Group Stage

2008 Christmas Song World Cup

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