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Christmas Wrapping

The Waitresses

Best UK Chart Pos.

Best US Chart Pos.

45th 1982


Best SPA Chart Pos.



  • In 1981 ZE Records asked their artists to record a Christmas song for a compilation album

  • Chris Butler constructed the song in august 1981 from aassorted unused riffs

  • The lyrics were written in the taxi on the way to the recording studio, they came from Butler's hatred of Christmas. "[The season] wasn't about joy. It was something to cope with"

2020 Christmas Song World Cup

Fourth Place Seed for Group Draw

H1: 313pts Merry Xmas Everybody - Slade

H2: 234pts Little Drummer Boy (Peace on Earth)- Bowie & Bing

H3: 170pts Christmas Wrapping- The Waitresses

H4: 134pts 25th December - Everything but the Girl

Group Stage : Fourth seed but managed to achieve one place higher, albeit some significant distance behind second

2016 Christmas Song World Cup

Quarter Finalist knocked out by The Pogues Fairytale of New York

2012 Christmas Song World Cup

Group Stage

2008 Christmas Song World Cup

Did Not Qualify

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