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Titanic Tales 


Titanic Tales 

Perreault, Miss. Mary Anne

Passenger: 1st Class - Maid to Mrs. Clara Hays


29 Jul 1878

Gaspé, Québéc, Canada


17 Nov 1968

San Pablo, California, USA




Born in 1878 to Joseph Perrault and Marie Agnes Smith, her father was a fisherman and her mother died when she was very young. Joseph remarried Marie Fournier. Mary Anne had four sisters and then 6 step siblings.

Mary went to work for the Clara Hays as a maid and travelled extensively with them. In the spring of 1912 she travelled to London with her employer. Charles Melville Hays was meeting Sir Abe Bailey to seek investment in his railway company and Bailey's chauffeur and mechanic was Bert Pickett. During the stay Annie fell in love with Bert. 

Bert proposes to Annie prior to the Hays party departure for the Titanic and Annie enthusiastically accepted. Annie wrote to Bert while on board the Titanic and was one of the last people to board lifeboat 13 or lifeboat 3, in fact she was pushed onto the boat. Annie got word to Bert that she was safe on the Carpathia and Bert would be reunited with her before the end of the year. 

Annie left the employment of Mrs. Hays and was married in Trenton, New Jersey on the 9th of December 1912.  Annie suffered various miscarriages but eventually gave birth to Earnest in 1919. The family moved to Rodeo, California around 1928 and ran a roadside food and gasoline stall. 

Bert passed away in 1960 and Annie in 1968.







Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Primary source : Encyclopaedia Titanica 

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