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Titanic Tales 


Titanic Tales 

Allison, Mr. Hudson Joshua Creighton

Passenger: 1st Class


8 Dec 1881

Chesterville, Ontario, Canada


15 Apr 1912

Atlantic Ocean




Hudson, a member of the board of the British Lumber Corporation sailed to England for a director's meeting. During their stay, the family had baby Trevor baptized and they took a trip to the Scottish Highlands. They purchased horses to supply thier stock farm in Canada and recruited staff for the household - George Swane, chauffer, Mildred Brown as a cook, Alice Cleaver as a nursemaid and Sarah Daniels as a Lady's maid for Bess.

The Allisons changed their travel plans to sail back with friends on Titanic. Mr and Mrs Allison were in suite, Sarah Daniels and their daughter, Loraine, in another and Alice with infant Trevor in the other. The rest of the staff travelled in second class.

The couple dined with Major Peuchen and Harry Molson on that final night and Bess briefly brought Loraine into the Jacobean dining room so they could see how pretty she was. 

After the collision, Alice took Trevor to safety on lifeboat 11. Bess and Loraine were put on a lifeboat but returned to the ship to search for Trevor.  The mother and daughter were never recovered.

Hudson's body was recovered and buried in Winchester, Ontario. The horses were delivered to Hudson's brother, having been shipped from Scotland on a tramp steamer, one month after the family funeral. 

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Victim: Body recovered by the Mackay-Bennett


Primary source : Encyclopaedia Titanica 

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