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Zaragoza condemned to a return to Phase 2 restrictions October 8-15

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

The population of the Aragónese capital have been dealt a devastating blow from the local authorities who have announced a temporary return to Phase Two restrictions to come into play this Thursday.

The restrictions are clearly geared around the dates of the Pilares festivities, with specific aims being outlined to prevent unofficial gatherings and celebrations around the holiday period. Such localised action has already been observed in the UK when regional populations would normally celebrate cultural holidays. The details are to be finalised but sources state that the Phase 2 status will not include restrictions on movement. The order also includes similar measures for the city of Huesca.

So for the period of 8-15 October we will return to the previous restrictions on nightlife. Bars, terrazas and Restaurants must be closed by 12 midnight, Botellón parties are prohibited and gatherings of more than ten people are to be prohibited once again.

Cinemas, theatres, auditoriums and similar spaces can resume their activity with pre-allocated seats at one third of their capacity and a maximum of 50 people. The 'online' sale of tickets is recommended. Cultural events with pre allocated seats and ticketing are expected to be allowed to go ahead with 75% capacity.

People under 70 are allowed out at any time, excluding the time slots for elderly people to go for a walk or exercise: 10am-12 noon and 7-8pm. People can go for walks in groups of a maximum of 15.

Non-professional sporting activities can take place.

The Official Bulletin is set to be published tomorrow (Tuesday 6th October) with confirmation on the measures.

This return to aggressive restrictions has been approved despite the "cases" per 100,000 population being sustained at levels significantly lower than the 500 per 100,000 level that had been established. Epidemiological data from Zaragoza shows a stable case number recorded between 200-300 per 100,000 whereas Huesca is recording a ratio of around 700 per 100,000.

Meanwhile both León and Palencia have confirmed local quarantine measures to come into effect from tomorrow, limiting movement, initially for a period of 14 days. There is a wave of such measures being reported across various countries and cities, with Paris and New York returning to tightened restrictions as well.


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