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The tax man cometh!

The Declaracion de Renta, or tax return season is upon us. We enter the 2020 fiscal year period for submissions from April 7th. This, like so many procedures of the Spanish state, can leave people mystified and intimidated. It is a common complaint that the tax return procedure is rather opaque and it is not unusual for people to be unclear as to whether they will receive a rebate or be expected to cough up further contributions.

Simulate your submission

Well this year, we have the chance to simulate our declaration using a tool on the Tax office website. By entering our NIF (tax id) followed by our name, surname, marital status and number of dependents along with whether we intend to submit a joint or individual declaration.

The variable data can be entered to give the user a result that will indicate whether they will be in or out of pocket. This tool is not yet ready to provide formal submissions and is for guidance only.

Taxpayers have until June 30 to submit a declaration and from April 7th this can be processed online. Support will begin for the process of paperwork by telephone and face to face from June 2, all, of course, with a prior appointment.

"Avalanche" of errors expected

The tax office and Gestors are anticipating a deluge of tax submissions littered with errors. They are concerned clarification on impact of ERTE contributions on tax returns and a backlog causing chaos.

The indications are that ERTE and unemployment payments will be classified as a source of income with income between 14,000 and 22,000 being forced to declare. The tax agency are preparing to send a letter to tax payers. Under normal circumstances when income does not exceed 22,000 euros there is no need to submit a declaration, but if there is more than one source of income and the second exceeds 1,500 euros, the bar is set at 14,000 euros.

Experts advise people to take care and review their submission carefully this year as, along with everything else in our new normal, things could be very different, even if the paperwork still looks just as baffling as it did last year.

The Online simulator is available here

The data required is fairly straight forward and does not ask in depth questions and will be available to use from April 7th.


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