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The Christmas Film World Cup qualifying

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Yes, Christmas is still some time away, but the qualifying for the competition, which will be carried out in December. This is curiously going to take place alongside the actual FIFA Football World Cup (no one saw that strange overlap coming when we started this yuletide frippery!)

The First and Second seed competitors have booked their place in the draw for the group stage, they are as follows:

First Seeds

Second Seeds

Die Hard (2018 Winner, two times finalist)

Scrooged (2010 Winner, 2018 Semi Finalist)

Gremlins (2018 Semi Finalist)

Trading Places (3x Last 16)

Elf (two times Semi Finalist)

Muppet Christmas Carol (2x Last 16, 2018 quarter finalist)

Home Alone (2018 Finalist)

The Holiday (2x Last 16)

Love Actually (two times Semi Finalist)

The Polar Express (1x Last 16)

The Snowman (three times quarter finalist)

Last Christmas (Wild Card Award)

Jingle All The Way (2018 QF, 1x Last 16)

The Third and Fourth seed positions are still up for grabs with a wide field of new entries to the Christmas Film arena and some wild cards that are in contention for the final event. The seeds that are confirmed to be in the draw are the following:

Third Seeds

Fourth Seeds

The Santa Clause (3x Last 16)

Bad Santa (1x Last 16)

Klaus (Wild Card Award)

Scrooge (1x Last 16, 2x Group Stages)

A Boy Called Christmas (Wild Card Award)

Four Christmases (1x Last 16, 2x Group Stages)

White Christmas (3x Group Stages)

The Christmas Chronicles (Wild Card Award)

This leaves some seasoned performers, some new entries and a few overlooked and controversial submissions to duke it out for the remaining 8 spots for the 2022 Christmas Film World Cup in our autumn qualifying competition!

These hopefuls are set to battle it out for the final 8 slots, the top four finishers taking 3rd seed positions in the draw and the second four the remaining 4th seed slots.

These films are as follows:

In Bruges (Never Qualified)


8 Bit Christmas (New Release)


Christmas with the Kranks (2010 Group Stages)


Krampus (2018 Group Stges)


Get Santa (2018 Group Stages)


The Tomorrow War (Wild Card)


The Family Man (2xGroup Stages, 2018 Last 16)


Miracle on 34th Street (2010 Last 16, 2xGroup Stages)


National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (3xGroup Stages)


Rocky IV (Wild Card)


Arthur Christmas (2018 Group Stages)


The Nativity (3xGroup Stages)


Santa Claus: The Movie (3xGroup Stages)


Stickman (New Release)


Father Christmas is Back (New Release)


Last Train to Christmas (New Release)


The Woman in Black (Never Quaified)


Batman Returns (Never Qualified)


Bridget Jones´s Diary (3xGroup Stages)


Fatman (New Release)


Deck The Halls (2010 Group Stages)


Pottersville (Never Qualified)


Jack Frost (3xGroup Stages)


Anna & The Apocalypse (New Release)


Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang (Wild Card)


Christmas Time (New Release)


Holiday Inn (2010 Last 16, 2xGroup Stages)


Angela's Christmas (2018 Group Stages)


Voting is open until November 18th and the group draw will take place on November 20th as the FIFA World Cup gets underway.

The Group Stage (1st - 12th December)

During the group stage, you can vote for each group once a day, placing films in order of preference. At the end of the group stage, voting results are announced and the top two films from each group progress to the elimination stage.

Last 16 (14th, 15th, 16th & 17th of December)

The knock out matches are played over four days with two matches being voted on over each day.

Quarter Finals (18th, 19th, 20th & 21st December)

At this stage the competition is getting tense and each quarter final is played every day in this four day period.

Semi Finals (22nd & 23rd December)

Two matches, two days with the winners progressing to the Grand Final

Final (24th December)

The final is voted on over Christmas Eve and the winner will be crowned before you tuck into your mince pies.


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