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Scorchio! Heatwave pours misery on misery

Zaragoza and the region of Aragón have entered the annual heatwave. Amber warnings have been issued by the Dirección General de Interior y Protección Civil. The mercury is expected to exceed 40º Celcius in the provinces of Zaragoza, Bajo Aragón and in the southern parts of Huesca.

The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) have also issued Yellow warnings for high temperatures across Aragón, between 36º and 37º.

Such conditions are expected to be with us for at least the duration of this week with a near zero percent chance of rain or storms to help break the heat.

There is nothing new with this part of the year producing aggressive heat in the region but with swimming pools closed or with limited capacity and nightlife heavily restricted, the summer of 2020 could be more oppressive than most. With air conditioning in public spaces now looked upon as a vector of concern it is probably best to hunker down at home, keep the blinds down, fans on and stay hydrated. If you do feel the urge to venture out, apply sun screen and do not attempt bike rides or jogging at the height of the day.

Take a moment to be grateful as well. In the final weeks of June in 1935 the temperatures touched 53º C in Zaragoza. According to the New York Times "people were prostrated" and the 5th Army division abandoned the barracks to set up camp on the outskirts of the city.


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