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Man charged after arranging COVID negative v infected football match

It seems the Brits are not alone when it comes to the foolish exploits of their young men. The Municipal Police in Pamplona have identified a 23 year old man responsible for organising a football match between a team of people infected with COVID 19 and another who are negative.

The Pamplona resident was identified via social media posts and has been charged under Article 34 of the Ordenanza Municipal sobre promoción de Conductas Cívicas and could face a fine of up to €3,000.

Further investigation reveals that the same individual had organised a party at lago de Mendillorri in June. Hundreds of people attended. He is expected to receive a fine between €1,500 and 3,000 for that stunt. It is believed that possible criminal charges are also being considered.

The football game was due to kick off on Monday 20th July in the Mendillorri neighbourhood of Pamplona and tickets for the game were being sold to raise money for a charity supporting those sick with corona virus.

Thanks to the quick action taken by the Pamplona authorities we will never know the outcome of such a clash. It seems it was no the match itself that was at fault but the intent to gather a crowd to watch it. Maybe his friends could organise an online video game event to raise money to help pay his fine, no good deed goes unpunished.


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