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King Emeritus revealed to be in UAE

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

The Spanish royal household have closed the rampant speculation regarding the location of the disgraced former King. It has been confirmed that Juan Carlos is residing in the United Arab Emirates. Speculation was rife after an image of a man fitting his description disembarking a plane in Abu Dhabi.

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The former King has suffered a decline in fortunes as his name is connected to a corruption scandal involving undeclared financial sweeteners connected to a high speed rail contract in Saudi Arabia. He spectacularly quit the country just two weeks ago. Critics will no doubt make a great deal of the fact Juan Carlos has run to an Arabian country in light of the investigation he is facing but there is hardly a destination that would soften the PR blow of this recent turn in the life of the disgraced former monarch.

The Spanish crown has declined to confirm if Juan Carlos is still in Abu Dhabi. Neither do they confirm if the former King intends to remain in the UAE.

Spain and the UAE do have an extradition treaty in place. Signed by Juan Carlos himself in 2010.


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