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Infant school to return with a 9 to 2 timetable only

The drip drip of information for parents continues with the latest announcement on school protocols leaves young families struggling to make arrangements for the coming year.

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Felipe Faci, the Minister for Education, Culture and Sport has confirmed Dining hall services will be maintained but a school day on a continuous schedule of 9.00 to 14.00 will be implemented to keep entry and exit movements to centres as minimal as possible . Services for "early birds", for parents who drop their children off before 9.00 will not be made available as of September, while the Ministry awaits submitted plans from each school on maintaining social "bubble groups".

Dining rooms will be available but the Minister noted that alternative arrangements are in hand, such as dining in classrooms, should they be required.

It is stressed that the timetable is a temporary, or transitionary move, for security. It will apply to all infant school centres across Aragón regardless of private or public status. There was no indication given as to how long this timetable will be in place.

This decision will undoubtedly put stress on families trying to manage work schedules, another frustration or complication in a year of difficulties. In many cases this decision could well see families rely upon the grand parents to assist which will surely come in for fierce criticism as it potentially puts older people in the line of fire for any potential infection outbreak. Whilst the risk to children is almost zero, they can certainly transmit the virus.

We still await the full protocol for the forthcoming school year in Aragón, but this news comes on the back of another revel yesterday where children from the age of 6 and up would be required to wear masks throughout the school day.


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