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Hottest winter in history - erotic tapas takeover

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Zaragoza has made culinary history once again, following the recent invention of the British Roscón by the Bulldogz team the cities talented tapas scene has brought eroticism to the table.

Love is in the fast flowing local air on the approach to Valentine's day and to celebrate Zaragoza's fancy dress shops have stocked a carnival approach to the popular 'ladies self-entertainment toy' the SATISFAYER. We asked some local ladies for comment:

"Finally, he'll at least look like he's good at something" - María, 24, Librarian

"If the costume works as well as the real thing, he's never taking it off." - Pilar, 32, Teacher

It is no secret that all movements in Spain either involve or discussed over food. The powerful eroticism of the SATISFAYER sent its love vibrations into the local tapas producing the Erotic Tapas Competition tapeoerotico

The event, organised by local wine distributors Vinos divertidos challenged a selected group of 20 local bars and restaurants to produce a special edition tapa that embodied the sensual, often forbidden temptations of bedroom gymnastics and the emotional tension that comes with human attraction.

We soon found that they had simply arranged food to look like male genitalia, but the results were delicious and hilarious in equal measures.

Check out the Bulldogz team and friends getting fully erotic in the video below. We would like to thank the La Romareda bar for their offering of 'Comeme el mejillón,' Tasca de Pablo with 'Arragala que es tuya,' Bar Casto with 'Desatame un corsé' and special thanks to Bar Marpy for the evening ender 'La Isla de las tentaciones.' (FULL tapas menu by bar featured below)

The overall winner in the estimation of the Bulldogz team and friends was undoubtedly Bar Marpy, the presentation was on another level, the service and environment likewise and it was quite simply hilarious to watch the variety of methods employed to devour the sausage and its little eggs. We suggest you take a peek for yourself below!

Hugs with consent to you all!

Full listing of the bars and their offerings:


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