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Feet O' Flames : Irish dance in Zaragoza

The Bulldogz team were very excited to sit down and talk with Megan Morrison, Zaragoza's first Irish dance teacher!

Michael Flatley made Irish dancing world famous in 1994 when he performed his Riverdance routine at the Eurovision song contest during the intermission and some years later he toured the world with his hit show "The Lord of the Dance". A very young Megan Morrison sat spellbound in the crowd. There began the journey of her life time as she pursued her ambition to compete in the Irish dance world championships on several occasions.

Megan shows us her feet of flames as she explains the different dances and shoes whilst also revealing how here Gran got banned from attending official competitions and her Mum....well you will find out.

Dance moves to inspire, and if you have always had a hankering to try out this distinctive dancing style, you can find details to sign up in the youtube description or the podcast notes. Megan has even teamed up with Bulldogz to offer a discount if you sign up before April 30th 2021.


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