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Aragón administration issues stark warning of police power to arrest for those defying quarantine

Health Minister Sira Repollés reminded people today that if contacted by Health services to go into isolation or quarantine due to contact with COVID cases, you must comply, even if you have returned negative on PCR test.

As COVID cases continue to gradually rise in the province, the administration recognises that Zaragoza and the surrounding central region are experiencing the most problems and are actively considering further restrictions on freedom and movement.

The Director of Public Health, Francisco Javier Fanlo, made it clear that regardless of the phase an area is in, general measures will be put into place to prevent spread or outbreaks.

The Health Minister Sira Repollés do not anticipate such measures including confinement but rather social distancing and restrictions. It was noted at a press conference though that people who had come into contact with COVID cases, even if their PCR test is negative, should go into quarantine as they are potentially contagious.

These quarantine orders are under the control of the health authority who contact people affected via phone and Police or Guardia Civil can be informed to enforce measures or arrest individuals in breach of quarantine instructions. More people are being employed at Health centres to man the phones and speed up contact tracing

General measures for the entire Aragón region now means that hotel hours are reduced, Peñas are to all be closed, street drinking (the botellon) is banned, all night venues closed by one am and a maximum number of ten people per gathering. an increasing vector of infection seems to be emerging with public toilets, especially those in Health Centres being cited as causing problems with staffing as people must isolate with the infection.

The General Directorate of Public Health detected 588 new cases of coronavirus in Aragon , of which 335 were asymptomatic. The distribution by provinces is as follows: 18 cases in Huesca, 19 in Teruel and 551 in Zaragoza. During the day 1,813 tests were performed, of them 1,789 PCR.


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