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All Change All Change! Illicit swingers club uncovered at Zaragoza railway station

After Police had been busy trying to shut down gatherings of students and youth renting tourist apartments to have COVID parties, it seems the older generations of Maños are not to be outdone as a Swingers club has been busted by the Policía Nacional.

The club was operating in the basement are of the Bus station area of the intermodal building. This part of the building is, embarrassingly, dependent on the Aragonese Government. The association was closed down by Police on October 25th but only made the story public on Saturday 7th November after sanctions had been issued and the paperwork to ensure closure was completed. These covered administrative infractions and breaking COVID regulations.

Police agents were notified after ADIF security sweeps heard music late at night in the building. The premise was said to include a small make shift bar with several tables and sofas and smaller rooms divided by curtains.


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