A pair of overnight Earthquakes felt in Zaragoza

Updated: Oct 11

A 4.6 and a 4.4 registered pair of earthquakes near Pamplona were felt in Zaragoza last night. The first, a brief tremor of a few seconds shortly after midnight, followed by a forceful aftershock two hours later.

The tremors were noticed in Zaragoza, especially by people on the higher floors of buildings. The first at 00:02:31, was 4.6 on the Richter scale, the epicentre was in Lizoain a few kilometres east of Pamplona, 160km from Zaragoza. At 02:21, a second tremor was recorded at 4.4. Both were at a depth of 1 kilometre.

The two quakes were the strongest in a series last night, several aftershocks followed the two main events. Three 1,9 degree aftershocks occurred between 00:11 and 00:50. 3.4 at 00:54, 2.1 at 00:57, 3.7 at 01:37, 1.9 at 01:49, 1.7 at 02:42, 2.0 and 02:50 and 2.7 at 02:55.

These are the latest in a series of earthquakes that have been underway in the Pamplona region in recent months. At the end of August earlier this year a serious of earthquake peaking at 3.7 on the Richter scale were registered in the same vicinity.

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