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Climate Change: deniers and criers

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Get chatting about the 'hot topic' of climate change.

Ice breaker

This is used for...look at the images in the presentation and decide several uses for each, that is not the original use. Get yourself into the recycling frame of mind...

Grammar – listening and news platforms

Here I recommend a variety of different platforms to practice your listening and how you consume the news.

This is a sound mapping project that has recordings of ambient sounds, street sounds, the underground, nature and on and on from ALL OVER THE WORLD. A fascinating way to explore our globe through sound. The site has a variety of projects and it is just a very interesting place to listen to something different. Why not listen to the chatter of the London underground while you are working?

A great archive of lessons with audio and transcript on a huge range of topics. Sign up as a student for free and complete the quizzes and activities attached to each lesson.

Great site for news articles rated by grade and made into classes.

Amazing algorithm that allows you to search podcasts containing words or phrases, it also details the moments in the podcast at which your search terms are used.

Check out our new forum for somewhere to discuss English language topics, exchange advice, jokes and more

Open debate

What is climate change?

How do you feel about climate change?

Is climate change real? Where’s the evidence?

Who is responsible?

How does climate change affect you?

Is veganism big in your country?

How can an individual fight climate change?


PAUSE at 0.30 – what do you think about the fact it has been warmer for most civilised human history?

PAUSE at 1.34 – this is a description of how we have only years left before the ice disappears, what do you make of this?

PAUSE at 3.00 – according to the previous video, it is the highest, who do we believe?


Split into groups to discuss the following questions. After 5 minutes stop and move to a new group, with different people. NEW PLACES, NEW FACES. Try to communicate with as many people as possible to benefit from different vocabulary, grammar, accents and opinions.

AT HOME: try this as a writing exercise or start a discussion in the FORUM

1. Climate change – myth or reality?

2. Who takes responsibility, the people or the governments? What can you do?

3. How has the climate changed in your lifetime?

4. Will we run out of fossil fuels? What is the future of energy?

5. Can veganism save the planet?

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