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The Twentieth of December

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

December 20th: Themes for celebration and contemplation

Come on, let's be honest, if you are in class today, the last day before the holidays, we strongly suspect you are not anticipating anything but fun time activities. So we will share some useful Christmas videos to enjoy in your final day before you all dash for the pub...

December 20

Underdog Day

On the third Friday of December, we celebrate Underdog day, a chance to support the underdogs in your life. Backing the Underdog is a curiously British habit and explaining the joys of this attitude could fill some minutes. You could, for example, tell them about the wonders of FA Cup third round giant-killing magic, Bulldogz provide you with a handy guide to the forthcoming third round weekend and a round-up of the greatest third-round shocks, all collated in handy video form....here

Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

Another third Friday of the month thing, which just encourages people to wear their Christmas jumpers to work.

Here is a video on how to make your own Christmas jumper....

Games Day

The 20th of December is Games Day, founded by Games Workshop in 1975 as a board game convention. This year it just so happens to fall on the last school day before the holidays and whilst your students may not be bringing a board game into school like we once did as kids, you could always reminisce on those last days of school when you tried to play "The Game of Life" in double French....

So, our Christmas countdown of fun and informative activities in December has come to an end, and if you still need help on this last day of term, here are some Christmas videos on youtube to plug those last hours....

Mister Bean Christmas

Christmas Blackadder

STAR WARS Holiday special

Two Ronnies Christmas special 1987

Pink Panther Christmas Special

Garfield Christmas Special

Happy Christmas Teachers,

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