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The Tenth of December

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

December 10th : Themes for celebration and contemplation

If you are looking for some themes and points of interest to add to your advent countdown, the Bulldogz Christmas spirit is in full flow and we can provide you with some of the fun, serious and little known points of celebration for each day on this magical countdown.

December 10

Dewey Decimal System Day

Once more America provide us with one of those surreal celebrations. The 10th of December is the birthday of Melvil Dewey (1851-1931) inventor of the Dewey Decimal library classification system.

The DDC has been in use since 1876 and divides books into ten primary categories.

Some fun games to help introduce kids to libraries and the Dewey Decimal system here

A range of teaching activities for the Dewey Decimal system here

Nobel Prize Day

Since 1901 the Nobel prizes have been awarded annually on December 10th, the anniversary of Alfred Nobel's death.

The Award ceremony can be watched live at the Nobel Prize website

The website also contains a large teaching resource database here

Lesson Planet also have a variety of Nobel Prize themed classes and materials here

Human Rights Day

A United Nations observance, which has many events and resources collected here

There are numerous resources available for classes on this topic, a selection are listed below:

Development Education Ireland

Australian Human Rights Commission

Amnesty International


International Animal Rights Day

A movement developed in reaction to the UN observed day on Human rights. More information can be found on their own website here

The TES website has a 6 lesson series related to the issues covered by this annual observance here

Christmas Song World Cup 2020

Remember: The Christmas Song World Cup voting is underway here

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