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Live. Die. Repeat: Reincarnation confirmed?

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

The Story of Carl Edon - A quite extraordinary tale of tragic coincidence or compelling evidence of reincarnation

There are many fascinating stories that seem to lend strength to the possibility of reincarnation. Many claim to be the reincarnation of famous significant figures in history but often such claims fall foul on lack of proof. This is possibly why the most stunning reincarnation tale, that of Carl Edon, has fascinated all those who have heard it.

Carl was born on December 29th 1972 in Middlesborough, North East England. Neither of his parents, James and Valerie Edon, were believers in reincarnation and it was not something that had been discussed in the family home.

Early revelations

Almost as soon as he could speak, a three year old Carl would tell his parents he remembered being a German bomber pilot.

His parents were bemused. There were no books on the second World War in the house and it was not a subject that had ever been raised in the house and Carl's fascinated father was the first to take a keen interest in his son's developing stories. His father tried to double check his son's statements through the local library as he gradually fleshed out the eeire story.

The youngsters earliest words were "I crashed a plane through a window". He would insist he had been a German pilot and would repeat the phrases always followed by a Nazi salute. He insisted he had been shot down on a bombing raid over England in 1942. If he was asked what his name as he would respond "Robert, and my father's name was Fritz".

He would regularly draw badges, swastikas and German insignia, including an Eagle, but also planes with swastikas on them.

By the time he was six years old he could draw a detailed plan of an airplane cockpit and could explain what the different gauges represented. He also explained a red foot pedal was used to release the bombs. He said the plane was a Messerschmidt, either a 101 or 104.

Carl also claimed to have lost his right leg in the crash and had a large birthmark on the right side of his groin.

Curious Personality Developments

Once at school, Carl's curious memories would continue to emerge. When a school play required a German character he insisted on having the part. When watching a documentary on the Holocaust, Carl informed his parents that his base was next to a concentration camp.

By the time he was eleven, Carl demonstrated he could goose step. His classmates laughed at these displays and this caused him to cease sharing these memories.

Carl manifested past life traits, he was meticulously neat. He would stand straight with his arms by his sides when stood to listen to someone. He did not even look like his parents. He sported a mop of blonde hair despite his parents dark hair. He even had vivid blue eyes, which he did share with his mother, even if the rest of the family had brown eyes.

He stated a wish to move to Germany and preferred coffee to tea. Carl was very fond of German sausages as well.

A horrific murder

Carl grew to be a young man and became a father. In 1995 he was working at the Loadhaul Grangetown rail depot. He worked alongside Douglas Vinter, better known as Gary Vinter. His colleague had a history of violence and without warning Vinter turned on the 22 year old Carl and in a frenzied attack stabbed him 37 times. Every one of Carl's organs were punctured and he died of the horrendous injuries. He left behind his girlfriend Michelle and their 22 month old daughter Sophie. Two months later Michelle gave birth to their second daughter, Carla.

Astonishing discovery

In 1942, Hienrich Richter was shot down in his Dornier bomber (Do217). The plane had been damaged by antiaircraft batteries before crashing into a barrage balloon and falling to from the sky, Three bodies were recovered from the wreckage and buried in Thornaby, about four miles from Middlesborough. Richter was not among the recovered dead.

At the time of Carl's memories, it was not even known that Richter had piloted the crashed plane. Yet in 1997, two years after Carl's murder, more wreckage was discovered buried under Tilbury Road in Middlesborough, with the body of Richter inside.

Richter was discovered to have had his right leg severed in the crash and once photographs were uncovered, there was an uncanny likeness between Richter and Edon.

Local aviation historian Bill Norman did detailed research into the flight and crash and published a book "South Bank Dornier"

Uneasy Parallels

On the day of Edon's murder, he had collected his train from Skinningrove. 40 years earlier, Richter had bombed Skinningrove and then followed the same railway line to Middlesborough

Hopes of closure

Carl Edon's mother had become completely convinced of the connection between the two men and after the discovery of Richter's body, Carl's parents attended a funeral for Richter in 1998. They hoped this would mark a closure on the sad story.

Further sadness

Vinter was released from prison on license after serving 10 years for the murder of Edon. He met and married mother-of-four Anne White in 2006.The family of Anne were concerned about Vinter and begged Anne to leave him but she was too scared. He attacked her and returned to prison, only to murder her upon his release. He was handed a life sentence for her murder.

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