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Read all about it! Reading in English

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Ice breaker

Have you ever been 'pranked?'

Discuss any pranks that have happened to yourself/family or friends

How would you write a headline for this?

Grammar - Tools for reading

Do you read in English? What do you read? How often?

The following is a demonstration of reading tools for English development, based on this article which lists and explains each tool, it can be used as class or self study (all links to platforms are in the NOTES linked at the bottom)

Open debate-slideshow 20/30minutes

What are your thoughts on this amazing new product?

In England, April 1st is known as April Fool's day. It is a day on which the media are complicit in 'pranking' the public with FAKE NEWS!

Look at some of the FAKE NEWS headlines here

"A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes"

What does this mean? Watch the video

What does fake news look like? In marketing we can see it in toothpaste advertising '95% whiter teeth' or '10 times better'...but better than WHAT?

Why is fake news so effective?

How do people read nowadays?

Is fake news political marketing?

How can we know the difference between real news and fake news?

How can we stop FAKE NEWS? Watch the video

You can also check your facts, using a fact-checker like this or this

Debate 30 minutes

Split into groups to discuss the following questions. After 5 minutes stop and move to a new group, with different people. NEW PLACES, NEW FACES. Try to communicate with as many people as possible to benefit from different vocabulary, grammar, accents and opinions.

AT HOME: try this as a writing exercise or start a discussion in the FORUM

1. Where do you get your news? Do you trust it?

2. What is the motive of fake news?

3. Do people read more or less now, than in the past?

4. Will reading become obsolete with technological advances?

5. How can we stop fake news?

Finally, enjoy this news related song by The Jam. Listen to the lyrics, what is he singing about?

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