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12 rules for life - Jordan Peterson

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Ice breaker

Invent 2 problems and give advice to resolve that problem using any language you like, for example 'my sister's boyfriend sits on the sofa all day watching Netflix'

Grammar - giving advice/giving your opinion

Advice Construction

Using modal verbs - Should, ought to, had better

For example, 'you should tell your sister's boyfriend to do something productive with his life.'

Using the 2nd conditional - IF + PAST SIMPLE , MODAL VERB + PRESENT SIMPLE (INF)

For example, 'If I were you, I would tell your sister's boyfriend to get his ass in gear.'

REMEMBER, conditional clauses can have IF at the beginning or middle, so the order is interchangeable.

Giving opinion - Agreeing

Do you know these examples? Can you add to them?

You have a point there

I couldn’t agree with you more

I guess so (weak)

I’d go along with that


Do you know these examples? Can you add to them?

That’s not always the case

I’m afraid I disagree

I beg to differ

True enough but...

I agree with you in principle, but...

I’m not sure about that

Expressing an opinion

Do you know these examples? Can you add to them?

The point/thing is…

Don’t you think it’s right to say that…?

I tend to think that…

Personally speaking, I believe…

If you ask me..

Open debate - slideshow

The open debate follows each of the '12 rules for life' from Professor Jordan Peterson's book of the same name. We discuss what we believe is the significance of each rule and how it can be applied. Each rule is detailed in this slideshow


Split into groups to discuss the following questions. After 5 minutes stop and move to a new group, with different people. NEW PLACES, NEW FACES. Try to communicate with as many people as possible to benefit from different vocabulary, grammar, accents and opinions.

AT HOME: try this as a writing exercise or start a discussion in the FORUM

1. What is the best advice you have received?

2. Can people benefit from advice without experience?

3. What advice would you give to your 16 year old self?

4. Why are self-help books so popular nowadays?

5. Which rule for life is the most useful and why?

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