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Updated: Jan 24

Bulldogz new documentary in our Hope & Glory series is set for release on April 30th

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Bulldogz have put the St. George's day bank holiday weekend to good use and finished the recording of our new Hope & Glory documentary - Shoot the Moon which tells the story of the audacious Black Buck raid on Port Stanley in the Falklands conflict.

It is a story that is gradually becoming better known as the years pass, a jet era Dambusters affair that saw RAF determination overcome impossible obstacles to deliver a payload to the other side of the Earth.

Battling engineering challenges to put the near retirement V wing bombers into conventional bombing service. Training crews in record time to master the art of in flight refuelling, only to then carry out the suicidal task deep in the heart of an electrical storm. Locating the World War two ordnance for the mission, it is a tale of ingenuity, resolute determination and curiously British fortitude in the face of insurmountable odds. A story that involves aging nuclear bombers, sandwich wrappers, policemen up ladders and ashtrays pressed into pivotal front line service. As one of pilots described it, a Monty Python script with a bang.

We endured a grueling 16 hours in our stuffy makeshift studio finalising the script and recording the audio. We also wrote and recorded two new original Lost Clauses songs ("Red, White & Blue", "Doctor Love") with original incidental music and an adaptation of a classic folk song that was sung by RAF Bomber command crews during World War Two

It has been a labour of love for us to be able to deliver this short documentary full of drama and derring do, adapted from the outstanding book on the subject "Vulcan 607" written by Rowland White, and available to purchase in all good stores and websites, (or purchase the audio book version by clicking on the picture or here) but we recommend you purchase it from the Vulcan reach for the sky trust which raises funds to maintain XH558 in heritage conditions. The image above of the Vulcan and Victor craft flying through the electrical storm captures some of the power and tension of the mission and is available as a print from Air Power Art who produce a wide range of outstanding airplane prints.

The documentary will be published on April 30th, the 36th Anniversary of the improbable Operation Black Buck raid.

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