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Laurel Resting : Short film soundtrack scoops award

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Zaragoza band The Lost Clauses have scooped the Mediterranean Film Festival 2018 Award for Best Short Film Soundtrack in Siracusa, Italy.

Maybe Someday/Quizas un Dia a 2016 short film written and directed by Sadie Duarte has been awarded the Giulio Penzo award for it's soundtrack at the Mediterranean film Festival. Featuring the track "Love's Lament" composed by Fernando Baulaz Tortosa and Merrick Wells and performed by The Lost Clauses, the instrumental soundtrack was composed and performed by Merrick Wells.

"The news came as a shock, I must say" he responded "It is an honour to have been selected and we express our gratitude to the judges and Sadie for having faith in us to produce the music."

"Sadie had asked for a 1950's melodrama style for her vision and I had written some themes for her to listen to, but once I saw the final cut of the film I thought the performance by Amelia Rius in the lead role was so touching and delightfully humourous that I wanted to lighten the incidental music to not be so detached from the vibrancy of her on screen role. I blended the themes from 'Love's Lament' into some of those original concepts and what emerged was pretty much what can be heard on the film."

The track "Love's Lament" features the vocals of Lara Lester alongside Merrick, in a song that tells the tale of love that loses it's way. "That track was Fernando's baby, he had a clear idea of what he wanted to say with it and we spent a session working it into shape"

Merrick also edited the trailer, which features the track "Love's Lament".

the soundtrack will be released in the late spring 2018.

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