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Reading Glasses: In Conversation with Nina Pantelic

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Our new programme "Reading Glasses". This is about all things books! (and wine!) This first series is all taken from our conversation with Nina Pantelic of Girl Gone International and founder of the Zaragoza Book Swap ,

We learn about Nina and her projects and touch on some book related topics...

The conversation was graciously hosted by Quiosco Bar in Zaragoza, and we were enjoyed a 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Idrias Abiego, from the Sierra de Guara Bodega in the Somantano region of Spain.

In the second part we have a short conversation about two books that moved us.

Metropole by Ferenc Karinthy A short novel that finds a world renowned linguist trapped in his isolation in a sprawling city in which he cannot understand anyone. A Kafka-esque journey into loneliness and desperation

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell A novel that stretches across time, space and genres and even the definitions of a novel. Technically delightful as the writer tackles multiple styles and sends the reader on a chase for clues and connections

A final excerpt from our conversation with Nina Pantelic, we tackle gender and identity in literature that leads us via George Eliot and Jane Austen to Game of Thrones.

We do admit there are hints at spoilers and a clear spoiler regarding the fate of one particular character, but if you are a GoT fanatic, we have ruined nothing for you, promise!!

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