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The Great British Beer Tasting

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

This week saw Bulldog hold their first British Beer Tasting event at Ordio Minero in the centre of Zaragoza.

A chance for our Spanish cousins to learn about the importance of Beer in British culture, what the difference is between a pub and a bar, the secrets of making beer with a guest appearance from Ordio Master Brewer Sergio and of course, the most important British global export...our food! No! Our language!

The guests were given the chance to sample a variety of British beers, ranging from Indian Pale Ales to Organic Chocolate Stout. All savoured accompanied with authentic fish and chips.

The ticket event includes the price of your food and beers. Bulldogz provide a short talk on culture, history and beer making including the secrets of British beer drinking. Participants get a tasting notes form and prizes are available for best responses and social media engagement.

Keep an eye out for future events

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