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First bold British explorers - sink or swim?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

The Bulldogz team take to the high seas, well the Zaragoza canal system, as the FIRST BRITS (possibly) to participate in Bajada del canal XXXV a raft building and sinking/sailing festival.

Sunday 17th September 2017 10:00am will see the communities of Torrero and La Paz meeting at the Arnal Cavero bridge next to the Las Ocas bar in Parque Grande where we set sail, floating to a victorious stop at the La Paz bridge in the same park, here our nautical voyagers will be celebrated with food and revelry.

The 35th edition of the festival continues to promote and celebrate the cleaning and maintenance of the Aragón canal system. Any other time of the year the public use of the canals is forbidden, so it's a real honour to float along and enjoy the park from below eye level. To demonstrate our pride in being the first British participants and to respectfully represent Great Britain, the Bulldogz Team will of course be dressed as English gentlemen. As well as having packed a picnic which includes tea, beer (provided by Ordio Minero) and jam sandwiches.

Come watch us sink horribly, offer advice, support or abuse from canal side and enjoy a day of local celebration with music provided by La Banda del Canal.

For the canal! For Zaragoza! For the picnic! For England?

Big thank you to HOPPY bar for providing the plastic beer kegs which will act as our flotation devices.

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