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Dead Air Episode 2.5 Bulldog Meets Bronson

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

A different format for you all this time round as we sit down with Earl Bronson of local Zaragoza funk outfit The Bronson as they have released the music video for their new single "The Funky Robot".

We talk about the fun of dressing up, how helpful alcohol is in preparing to go on stage, why Nazis had the best uniforms, the story behind their massive cameo celebrity reveal at the end of the new video and of course, we indulge in a three way James Brown impression fest!

The new single "The Funky Robot" with the surprise celebrity cameo appearance can be watched here

The director of the video, Ignacio Estaregui, has a selection of his work to view here

Or order a burger from the Bronson Bar find them on Facebook

Los Artistas Del Gremio are also on Facebook

But the Blues Brothers tribute super group videos are nice and easy to find here

All The Bronson videos can all be found on their youtube account:

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