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Street view: Distrito Mexico

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Our "what to do" show kicks off with a visit to Distrito México on Calle José Pellicer Ossau in the heart of Tapas country in Zaragoza city centre. A recently opened family venture, run by the welcoming and friendly Jorge and his wife Esther who met when they both worked in London.

We sample the menu for you and describe the taste bud sensations that we underwent in the name of research, from the side dishes to the authentic tacos and house cocktails.

An enjoyable experience was had by all, if you wish to try out Jorge's service and cuisine, you can find Distrito México Zgz on Facebook and if you do pop in, tell Jorge that Bulldog sent you.

Most would agree the heart of Spanish culture is it's food, for some it's a giant gamba, others a croqueta, the more adventurous a spicy taco; whatever your preference, there's something for everyone. Socialising around a selection of tapas is a common passtime that invites deep satisfaction, especially when accompanied by a good wine, vermouth or even cocktail.

It's no surprise then that every Spanish city at it's heart has an area dedicated to food. In Zaragoza that area is El Tubo, it's thin network of streets pump hundreds of people through it's many establishments, it is full of life, laughter and quality bites.

We went to welcome the latest addition to this thriving gastronomic area and stuff our faces in the process.

Distrito Mexico is a family business run by Jorge and his wife Esther. Having spent over a decade in London, he has brought with him a fusion of London lifestyle and his native Mexico to the lucky people of Zaragoza.

The Distrito Mexico offers authentic Mexican food in, what feels like, a bar in the cool end of London. If you

don't like spicy food, never fear, each dish is prepared with a layer of complex flavours and colour and served with separate pots of spice, avocado and other garnishes. You can prepare your own taco and control the amount of damage, if you're British or just love hot food, Jorge has a'special sauce' he keeps in the kitchen in a special container marked 'DANGER.' If you prefer something a little 'milder' no problem.

To accompany this fantastic food, Jorge has handmade a menu of classic cocktails, with a Mexican twist. Our favourite, of course, was the BULLDOG, which not only looks like a work of art, also leaves the tastebuds begging for more.

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